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Our Mission
 Our goal is to help vulnerable individuals and families in the community who, through different life situations, are struggling.  
These struggles are exacerbated by the current economic climate leading to peoples declining finances which are under more pressure particularly around seasonal periods. 


Operation Christmas Hamper started in September 2020 in the midst of lock down, garages were used as store rooms and front rooms were where the magic happened.

The main feature of this is to make luxury Christmas Hampers  families. These are not run of the mill ‘pasta and sauce’ type hampers, they are luxury ones with all the extra goodies that make Christmas special but that are generally expensive - bottles of Ribena, hot chocolate, marshmallows, squirty cream, jars of Nutella, jams, pickles, Christmas crackers etc.

As well as Christmas hampers last year we  were able to get a bespoke Christmas present brought anonymously by a member of the community, wrapped up and signed with love from a Christmas friend. Our dream would be to be able to get a gift for every person that we get a referral for, although this is a huge task as last year we helped over 1000 people.

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